Hello and thanks for visiting Crawfords Danes Established in 1999. Since 1999 we have been striving to breed Bigger, Stronger, Healthier and most importantly “Longer Living” Great Danes. Our Danes live longer because we do NOT do Inbreeding or Line Breeding, we ONLY do Outcross Breeding. We also ONLY breed our females Once per year during a short breeding period. Then they are retired here with us for their entire life, Our Danes our part of the family and live with us from puppy to rainbow bridge. We feed a holistic People food diet, Dry processed dog food accounts for less than 20% of OUR Great Danes daily diet as they are free fed and only go to the dry food between meals. On average our Great Danes live from 10 to 15 years of age which is twice the national average of 6-8 years. For more on us and our methodology please contact us, we can even help you with your Great Dane.