Q: I want a Great Dane, What do I do?
A: Call Us and we'll show you how! - Click here to go to contact page!

Q: I have some great pictures of one of your offspring!
A: Awesome! Email them to us!

Q: What does a Great Dane eat?
A: Great Danes require and even balance of the 4 food groups. They eat dog food but benefit greatly from a balanced diet of veggies, grains, meats and of course MILK.

Q: Do I need a Big Yard?
A: Actually you don't,  but they do love their daily walks.

Q: Do I need a lot of inside space?
A: Not really, Great Danes are very comfortable in apartments and small homes.

Q: Wait! I have more questions!!!
A: By all means, call or email them to us today.




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