Here you'll find some of our dedicated family members who have dedicated their time away from their beloved Danes to offer investment opportunities to other Dane owners and lovers alike.
These family specialists listed below have unique insight into the future of CRAWFORD'S DANES and its immediate future plans. 
Therefore they can answer all your questions and offer you inviting and exciting investment opportunities that are available in our growing and expanding Great Dane world.

The years 2015 through 2020 are expected to be world changing and monumental as far as our development and methodology are concerned. After 15 years of producing top quality Great Danes that have none of the traditional health afflictions or deficits by bloodline. We have an average longevity of 10-14 years up from the global average of 6-8years. Though is only a small accomplishment on the global scale, but its definitely a paw in the right direction. Our new location and future plans will not only be beneficial to Great Danes, but will also benefit mankind, Nature and the green global concern of our planet. We have many opportunities available to the right investors. Feel free to contact us if your in the mindset to help but also to receive gratitude, praise, recognition and profit. All investors if they so desired, would receive plaques and or tokens to promote there business's or families that will be placed on or in the facility upon completion. Acknowledged during our ribbon cutting ceremony. Our Great Danes are a huge part of our lives as it's apparently obvious, but there is also a rather large business involved with giving the best to the best! The facility that has begun construction and is partially opening next summer, boasts to be a one of it's kind state of the art facility. It will cater to the the giant dog first and accommodate the medium and small dogs as well! The facility will offer deluxe and economy rooms each with individual runs. We will also offer a large fully fenced off leash park with snack bar and picnic facilities, all included in your annual membership. Which indecently are free to investors and their immediate family for 1 year. Lots more to talk about but way too much to discuss here. So do yourself a favour and talk to one of our investment specialists to see how you can be a part of our ever evolving and amazing Great Dane world. Designed by Crawford's R & R. 
Many Investment opportunities are available so send us an email or give us a call today.
Owner/Operator: Ron Crawford

Vice President: Felicia Crawford
Head Of Administration:
Lianne Crawford
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