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Play Date


  • Princess's Zaria & Neffertitti are pregnant!
  • Another Big Expansion. Coming Summer 2016!
    Crawford's Park!!!!
  • Picnic areas!
  • Training rings, obedience, difficult conditions, obstacle, agility, more.
  • Off Leash & much more!


Upcoming Events

  • Christmas Litters from Zaria & Neffertitti.
  • Grand Opening of Crawford's Wildlife refuge & Crawford's off leash Park.
  • Summer Bonanza all day Great Dane play. Held twice monthly after opening.

Past Events

  • CleopatraOn June 27/ 201 AT 9Am "MAXIMUS" the Father of many of my puppies, one of the Greatest MANTLE GREAT DANES to ever have graced my life, passed on today, After a courageous fight against cancer, His pain was cut short but his life was long almost 13yrs old and 200Lbs at death, and more then 240Lbs most of his life. He will be remembered as my first Male Great Dane. But more importantly he will be remembered as the best friend anyone could have! He will be cremated and returned to me, to be placed along his wife & longtime Companion "Ebony"....Max's pain during the last couple of weeks was beginning to take hold of him, so it was then and only then that this gentle giant looked with the telling eyes and the decision was made to allow him to move on, was difficult because he still had no issues getting up and he still had the desire to play when asked or given the love he so craved. For all it was a devastating loss but for Max it was time. We solute this Gentle Giant MAXIMUS for the unconditional love he provided, the puppies he created and the joy he has brought through his breeding to so many families.. For all the people who know him & loved him and who today have beautiful Danes because of him, be thankful for what ever time you have with them. Because when their gone, their gone! MAXIMUS: THE TRUE ESSENCE, OF THE APOLLO OF DOGS!
  • Cleopatra's a 8 year Old Mantled Dane who sits to the left & bottom right.


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