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3rd Litter
May 15, 14
Now On Sale!
Happy Birthday!

Princess ZariaWelcome to Princess Zaria's Profile
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Zaria is a 5.5 year old Beautiful Black Dane with excellent markings and a great temperament and disposition. Her character, charm and attitude can only be matched by her other name "the Apollo of dogs". Together with Popeye they have made some of the most beautiful & sought after puppies to date. We are looking forward to meeting the many wonderful people who will take her offspring into their homes.


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1st Litter
Jan 22, 13
Sold Out!
Happy Birthday!
2nd Litter
June 27 /13
Sold Out!
Happy Birthday!


Breeding Status

Our next tentative breeding will be for the Spring of 2015. We encourage you to send in your waiting list submission. Its the one sure way of getting the color & gender you desire.

Zaria(click to view)

Princess Zaria's Pregnant! But be sure to check out her page as well as her pups. Because there are links there that can only be seen and accessed there. Next Litter Fall 2015.Last Litter - May 17, 2014.  Next Litter N/A

Neffertitti(click to view)

Princess Neffertitti's 1st litter will be in the summer of 2015.We are very excited to see the many beautiful puppies her & Popeye will have. Be sure to join us for exciting times. Next Litter:  N/A Last Litter: N/A 

Cleopatra(click to view)

Cleopatra's 6th Litter is now completely sold out!

Mini(click to view)

MINI 3rd Litter Is Now Sold Out! Special Thanks to the new owners that have taken our babies into their lives and homes.